10 Things You Didn't Know About Wine

Image credit: Wojtek Szkutnik via flickr
Few alcoholic beverages have had as long and storied a history than wine. Wine is a very versatile drink in that it can be drank to relax, to celebrate and it even plays a sizable role in a number of religions.

I recently sat down and dig up a few tidbits you may not have known about wine. I hope you enjoy!

Wine Statistics

  1. The oldest evidence of wine was 8,000 year old wine jars in the country of Georgia.
  2. 90% of US Wine production occurs in California.
  3. The US produces just 8% of the world's wine production, but leads the world in wine consumption.
  4. The world's top three wine producing countries are France, Italy and Spain
  5. The European Union produces 65% of the world's wine
  6. The most popular varietals of wine in the US is Chardonnay with Merlot a close second.
  7. Number one reason why Americans drink wine: They like the taste.
  8. 6% of Americans think fortified wine is the most healthy variety of wine (seriously!)
  9. Largest age-group of Americans that consider themselves high-frequency wine drinkers: Baby Boomers
  10. 40% of all wine produced is exported from its production country.

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