10 Things You Didn't Know About Video Games

video game facts
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For many of us, video games have been a part of a majority of our life. Boomers had Pong, Gen Xers began with Atari and Nintendo, Millennials had Playstation, Xbox and Wii and the latest generation is growing up with mobile gaming and live streaming their games.

While video games have only been around for a (relatively) short amount of time, there is a very rich history as they have permeated pretty much all aspects of our culture. There is much to measure with video games and plenty of stats and facts kicking around. Here are 10 video game facts I have been able to dig up that you likely were not aware of. I hope you enjoy!

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Video Game Facts

The first video game was launched in 1947

Pong was released in 1972

The market size of today's gaming industry is $99.3 billion

There are 1.20 billion active gamers globally

Over 60 million Nintendo Entertainment Systems were sold all time

75% of the gaming industry are men

Tetris (425 million sold) is the best selling video game of all time

7 million copies of Pac-Man have been sold all time

40.24 million copies of Super Mario Bros. have been sold all time

72 million copies of Minecraft have been sold all time

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