10 Things You Didn't Know About the Internet of Things

Image credit Maurizio Pesce via flickr
The biggest buzzword in the world of tech over the past few years has been "disruption" and no digital trend has epitomized disruption as much as the connected home revolution.

The internet of things is here and growing rapidly. What seemed like fodder for science fiction or children's' cartoons just a few years ago is now mainstream in homes across the globe.

So how big has the internet of things become? and how big is it project to get? Here are 10 things about the internet of things that you probably didn't know.

Internet of Things Facts

  1. 13.4 billion devices are currently connected to the internet of things
  2. 80 billion devices are projected to be connected to the internet of things by 2025
  3. 72.5 million connected wearables were shipped in 2015
  4. 228.3 million connected wearables are predicted to be shipped in 2020
  5. $698.6 billion was spent on the Internet of Things in 2015
  6. 46 million U.S. homes have a connected television
  7. 76% of Americans feel transferring wearable health data to their physician is acceptable
  8. The projected market size of the Internet of Things security market in 2020 is $29 billion
  9. "Increased exposure of data" is the top concern of business leaders with regards to realizing their company's internet of things potential
  10. Businesses  are predicted to be the top adopter of the internet of things in the next 5 years

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