10 Things You Didn't Know About Walt Disney World

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As one of the most popular destinations in the world and one of the United States' largest employers, Walt Disney World is one of the most recognizable places on the planet. Despite its high visibility, just how much do we really know about the mega tourist attraction in Florida?

Here are a few interesting facts and amazing stats about Disney World that I was able to dig up recently. I hope you enjoy the quick read and learn a few new tidbits!

Number of hotel rooms throughout Disney World properties:

25,000 rooms
Last updated 2/14/14

Amount of land that Walt Disney originally purchased for Disney World:

43 square miles

Number of people (cast members) Disney employs to work at Disney World:

69,000 cast members

Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and was originally supposed to be an actual city.

Amount an adult admission to Disney World cost when it first opened was $3.50 and now goes for a cool $116

First movie to be filmed at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Ernest Saves Christmas

If you placed all the ketchup packets that Disney World guests consume in one year, end-to-end, it would span from the Magic Kingdom to Minneapolis, Minnesota

The estimated annual attendance for the Walt Disney World Resort::

48 million guests

There is NO gum sold in Disney parks.

The Splash Mountain ride at Disney World is based on the movie "Song of the South," which you cannot buy on DVD due to its controversial content.

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