10 Amazing Smartphone Stats

Smartphone Stats
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When the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, who would've thought how integral the smartphone would become in our daily activities. In just eight short years, smartphones have become a way of life for people and have completely replaced desktop computers for many tasks.

So just how big have smartphones become? Here are a few of the more interesting smartphone statistics I recently dug up. Some of these stats are pretty amazing...

An estimated 51% (yes, a majority of online holiday shopping this year) of all holiday online shopping visits in the U.S. this year will come from smartphones. (Tweet this stat)

U.S. adults spend an average of 2 hours and 54 minutes each day doing non-voice activities on their mobile device. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 10/7/15)

22.7% of all global site traffic on ecommerce websites come from smartphones. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 10/28/15)

The most popular iPhone/iPad app of all time is Facebook. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 9/9/15)

58% of app users become inactive within the first 30 days after downloading it. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 9/25/15)

China has 525.8 million smartphone users. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 9/16/25)

The U.S. has 184.2 million smartphone users. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 10/29/15)

35% of U.S. smartphone users check it more than 50 times a day. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 8/19/15)

People in the U.S. spend more time using mobile apps than watching television. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 9/12/15)

54% of smartphone users in the U.S. use messaging apps. (Tweet this stat)

    (Last updated 8/19/15)

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