10 Things You Didn't Know About Black Friday

I never understood Black Friday. People head out in the middle of the cold night (now almost afternoon) on Thanksgiving just to wait in line for hours to buy a deeply discounted item that is likely not on anyone's actual holiday wish list just because of the deal. Given the amount of gifts that are returned promptly after Christmas, one can imagine that many of these Black Friday purchases are actually sent back. Sure, seems worth it.

Anyways, while I sit here and wait for Cyber Monday deals, here are a few Black Friday stats and facts that you may not have known. If you are brave enough to head out tonight, you can dazzle all of your new friends in line with your Black Friday knowledge.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and happy shopping!

Percentage of shoppers that admit to being drunk while shopping on Thanksgiving night/Black Friday:

Percentage of consumers that think stores should stay closed on Thanksgiving Day: 

Percentage of Black Friday shoppers that plan on shopping between midnight and 3am: 

Average amount of time that Americans spend shopping for Christmas presents each year: 
14 hours

Percentage of Americans that admit they might not like the gift they receive: 

Earliest known use of the term "Black Friday" to refer to the shopping day after Thanksgiving: 
1961 in Philadelphia

Number of Americans that shopped on Black Friday in 2013: 
approx 141 million

Amount spent on Black Friday in 2013: 
$57.4 billion

Percentage of Black Friday shoppers that would be willing to pay someone to stand in line for them:

Year that Black Friday finally eclipsed Christmas Eve as the biggest U.S. shopping day: 

Image credit: Clotee Allochuku via flickr

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