The Top 10 Halloween Costume Trends of 2014

Don't you love when you walk into work and a coworker is wearing something very similar to what you have on? It is so much fun to hear "Hey, did you two call each other?" all day long.

Well, consider this post your warning. Here are the top 10 Halloween costume trends for 2014 according to retailer Party City.

Show up to a Halloween party in any of these get-ups and you are bound to have an equally unoriginal twin...

10) Disney Princesses

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

9) Zombies

8) Monster High

Credit: Universal Pictures

7) Cirque du Burlesque

6) Superheroes

5) Geeks

Credit: Interscope Communications

4) Rainbow Ravers

3) Black & Bone

Credit: Lady Gaga; Interscope Records

2) Minions (Despicable Me)

Credit: Illumination Entertainment

1) Frozen (of course)

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Bert & Ernie Image Credit: John Paul Smith via flickr

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