10 Things You Didn't Know About Mothers

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It has been said time and again that the most underpaid and unappreciated job is motherhood. I can't say that I disagree. For most, moms are there for us through thick and thin and can always be counted on to save our sorry rears when we screw up.

On the eve of a weekend in which we celebrate all things motherhood, I thought it would be fitting to offer up a few interesting statistics and facts about mothers.

Enjoy and happy Mothers Day!

Number of mothers in the world: 

2.2 billion 
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Number of American mothers on Facebook: 

27 million 
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Amount spent annually on Mother's Day cards: 

$671 million 
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Number of woman in the United States that have given birth in the past 12 months: 

4.1 million 
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First American celebration of Mother's Day: 

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Number of births in the United States in 2012: 

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Country with the highest children born per woman: Niger: 

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Average number of children born per woman in the United States: 

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The mean age of mother's first birth in the United States: 

25 years old 
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First mother in space: 

Anna Fisher in 1984 
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Imagecredit: Chris Michaels via flickr

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